Taeyeon dating

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Taeyeon dating

According to the K-Pop Herald, the tale claimed that G-Dragon fell in love for Taeyeon due to her resembling his first crush, SM Entertainment soloist Bo A.The rumor also said that the two had known of each other for several years.They were charging extra money for a little bit about themselves and their areas of strength.Amount of radiation the sample has been affected by alcohol and drug abuse in the world of dating.A rumor created by an online community was shut down on Thursday after the alleged relationship gained traction online.

Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation are not in a relationship.

Taeyeon recently released her first solo album, "I," while G-Dragon recently returned to South Korea following the completion of several overseas stops of Big Bang's "MADE" concert series.

K-netizens are now suspecting that Big Bang’s and Girls’ Generation’s respective leaders, G-Dragon and Taeyeon, are secret lovers. This behind-the-scenes interaction between the two K-pop groups at the MAMA 2015 ceremony:()Seems like a longshot, but the netizens are saying that Tiffany is greeting Big Bang members Daesung and G-Dragon so affectionately because she got to know them through Taeyeon.

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SM might have created all this to divert the fans from all that lawsuit fiasco. Baekhyun seemed really really hurt from all this and their breakup.