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My motivation for the project the “Stone Diary“ The reason why I have developed the “Stone Diary” was, because I have been frustrated by people’s misconceptions of foreign cultures for a long time.I have also wanted to use my position as a sculptor to, in some small way, change people view other cultures.The result was the “Stone Diary”, which is an ongoing book series that documents my artistic activities in foreign countries. Fortunately I have found sculptors in Zimbabwe who were willing to work with me on my first volume of the Stone Diary.The second volume is about our experience how we have built the Miteri Peace Sculpture for the people of Jumla in West-Nepal.

I bought this book when I had a chance to meet the authors, and it was well worth reading. Be a Daredevil and stop watching every damn episode the moment it's released, even if you're Jessica Jones-ing for a fix. and not because you just finished House of Cards for the 19th time. 2016 is the year you FINALLY stop talking about Fight Club! Moreover, the authors outline an approach to marketing and innovation that begins with a commercial idea that spreads across many media.The essential element is that the idea is talkworthy and we understand consumer motivations to learn about products and share this knowledge.

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  1. Tony Hoyt, 28, a member of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church in Little Rock, explained he was “dating school.” As a first year medical student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with three more years to go, plus an additional four years of residency, finding time to date is tough. “I still feel like a child at heart and I don’t realize I’m getting older. “I feel I am not rushed because of how much I have going in front of me,” Hoyt said.