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Mandating electronic medical records

Electronic medical records (EMRs), as a cornerstone of a more intelligent, adaptive, and efficient health care system, have the potential to improve the overall health of our society and begin to rein in the trillions of dollars spent on health care each year.

However, implementation and utilization of such record systems brings its own significant costs and challenges which must be carefully considered and overcome in order to fully realize the potential benefits.

Steve Strongwater: Tom, that’s a great question, and I really appreciate the opportunity to talk this over with you. physicians are experiencing physician burnout, and there are many reasons for it.

First, I would hope that everybody agrees that physician burnout or physician wellness is a real problem in this country. It’s not a function that people just are whining and they’re not as tough as physicians used to be.

The use of electronic patient records is growing, and more physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants are using electronic documentation in their facilities/clinics.

Understanding the nuances of electronic documentation and critically evaluating and implementing electronic systems is difficult for most clinicians.

Comparative effectiveness, electronic health records, health information technology,meaningful use, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Health care costs in the United States are astronomical, and comparative effectiveness research (CER) has shown there are often inexpensive medical alternatives that have not been utilized by health care providers (Hoffman & Podgurski, 2011).Part 1 - Decision Background information on why there is a push to adopt EHR and a brief introduction to the federal issues that impact physical therapist practice.Part 2 - Preparation Basic information on what you will need to understand for successful adoption of an EHR system; this includes what constitutes an EHR and provides suggestions to help consider your current environment and workflow.This article was written on , and is filled under Volume 16 Number 3.Comparative effectiveness, Computerization, data, EHR, electronic health record, electronic health records, health information technology, informatics, Meaningful Use, nurses, nursing documentation, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Stephanie Sheridan, Students, sustainability (3), Available at

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The digital wave must be embraced to improve the healthcare disparities of Americans.