Gta dating millie

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Gta dating millie

Don't know if this actually works, I read it somewhere else, but it's worth a shot. It is excruciatingly annoying but i got a good suggestion from one of the members here.I think you should try it too: Go to her house and see if the red marker has appeared, then head of a new clothes shop that you haven't bought clothes from. In games like Morrowind and Oblivion, they solve this by warning you've killed someone important or just making them invincible. OPEN FLAMES NEAR A WOOD SURFACE WITHOUT VENTILATION! --- Later that night I was walking down the suburban streets of Venturas, still in a daze, when my phone rang. If Millie died and there was no recourse to get her security card, an entire mission subplot would be cut off.So is this a Glitch or what please help because I really want to move on with the game.PS: i beaten this storyline before but with cheats, this time without cheats: D I say don't hound her. (Always wear the Gimp Suit on every date.)just as an aside: have you completed all the Abandoned Airfield missions? Stand outside, use the speed up game cheat until the red circle appears, make a note of the time and date, reload and go back there at the relevant time.The other three, Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins, and Alexandra Chilton, are met via online dating services.

Then you will get a call from Woozie saying the keycard is in her house. It was my experiecnce that Stalking (waiting) outside the residence doesn't work. " "Please Carl God no I got arrogant I thought I could violate city bylaws please don't shoo-" she squealed, then stopped as she saw my eyes,"No! " "Time to put yo' fire out, bitch," I told her, and pulled the trigger. It's mostly there in case of accidents, with a living breathing world like GTA's, it's possible for an NPC to be wiped out and "Break" the game. Sorry Millie, you was fine and you was freaky, but violating fire safety regulations? It makes no sense since it would require Carl to pull off the heist within a couple of hours of killing Millie (the police would obviously contact the Casino to tell them Millie was dead, and Millie's security clearance would be taken off of the system as a result) and there are still missions that need to be completed before the heist can be pulled off.The Archive is a personally-funded hobby, and without donation/advert revenue we won't be able to keep it going. While dating Millie - like all girlfriends - she has a few interesting things to say, including her fascination with electric nipple clamps; how irritating it is to lose one half of a pair of leather gloves; and.... Of course, some people really dislike the girlfriend missions and the slow progress and limited timeframe per day in which you can "date" them.Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your Ad Block whitelist—it really does make a difference. Luckily for them, Rockstar put in a little "shortcut" for Millie to get up to the 33% required to get Millie to willingly give you her keycard.

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Early Grand Theft Auto games made reference to the protagonists having love interests, such as Claude and Maria Latore from Grand Theft Auto III, Tommy Vercetti and Mercedes Cortez in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and early-starting between Huang Lee and Ling Shan in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, but the ability to date girlfriends first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.