Dating rolleicord

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Dating rolleicord

Full-size ground glass focusing screen without condenser. Film advance indicated by counter after initially setting to 1 in red window, not coupled to shutter. But several technological generations later, a Rollei makes for a fairly unusual sight.In New York around New Year's, I wandered into a photo shop and pulled out the camera to ask for the medium-format film it required.This camera was a simplified version of the Standard Rolleiflex, with a cheaper 75mm Zeiss Triotar lens and a simplified film advance mechanism using a knob instead of the crank found on the Rolleiflex.The Rolleicord I was available either with a plain leatherette covering or elaborately patterned metal faceplates.Later models incorporated improved designs for the taking lens, a 4-element Schneider Kreuznach Xenar, which also appeared on the Rolleiflex cameras.

A light cleaning and lubrication should get them to working condition.

Several models of Rolleicord were made; the later models generally had more advanced features and tend to be valued higher in today's market.

The first Rolleicord, introduced in November 1933, was the Rolleicord I.

Suddenly curious, I browsed some online hobbyist sites and learned that the camera was made between 19 in Germany.

(The letters DRP and DRGM on the body apparently indicate that, even at that date, it was manufactured under the pre-WWII patents.) I also found a user's manual whose hokey mid-century style, if not its advice, was priceless. ) Rolleicords and their cousins, the higher-end Rolleiflexes, were once ubiquitous, I am told.

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