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The majority of our business is from repeat customers and we work extremely hard to retain them.

We work with Architects and Interior Designers as well as builders merchants, architectural Ironmongers, cabinet makers, joiners and carpenters.

Candlesticks, Diamond Candlesticks, Kettles, Spirit Kettles, Match Box Vestas For the first thirteen years this website was constructed using the excellent Microsoft 'Front Page' software.

Server support was suddenly withdrawn in Spring 2015 so the whole site has been rebuilt using Adobe 'Dreamweaver' software.

Based in West London, we specialise in decorative grilles but can also refurbish or replicate brassware using traditional methods dating back to the 18th century.

With over 85 years of manufacturing expertise to hand, there are not many projects that we cannot undertake.

An emphasis has also been given to ease of navigation. After a lifetime of working with industrial copper and copper alloys, Vin Callcut now working on domestic copper and brass.

Unauthorized use including account sharing of Invaluable will result in permanent account cancellation.

Digital copying of images strictly prohibited; violators will be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Replacement of mortice knobs and escutcheons on the Grand Tier Boxes formed an important part of the project.

Over time, knobs had been replaced with alternate products and some escutcheons were missing.

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