Andy lee and solbi dating

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and was even featured as a rapper on female group S. S.'s single I'm Your Girl along with Eric Mun (Mun would later join Lee in Shinhwa as lead rapper).

Unlike the other couples who went through the getting to know you stage before settling in to their roles as a make believe married couple, these two have been so comfortable with each other from the get go that it was just sheer delight to watch them go about their daily missions.Initially, Andy was kinda meh about his pairing with Solbi as he teased her mercilessly and treated her just like how one would treat a younger sister but later on and in succeeding episodes it was the way in which he slowly started warming up to her and perhaps reciprocated her feelings that had kept An Bi fanatics worldwide staunchly believing that they are indeed a match made in heaven.While also in We Got Married several candid moments show the two having such natural skinship that they have no qualms about sitting or lying down on each others lap or holding hands… From the show 'We Got Married' the ever popular SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong has been casted for the role, Rui.They were thinking about Kim Hyun Joong as Rui but weren't sure. But the casting of Tsukushi is proving to be very difficult. I should stop ending every sentence with an exclamation mark! I am trying to stop myself from making an Anbi fangirling service site haha!

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He would continue with Shinhwa until the group's fourth album when he took some time out to study in the U. (he later confessed that it actually was due to his care for seriously sick mother).